Ammonia Recovery System for Wastewater

August 4, 2016


NASA Kennedy Space Center

Laboratory: NASA Kennedy Space Center (KSC)

Technology: Ammonia Recovery System for Wastewater 

Opportunity: KSC is seeking an industry partner to license its Ammonia Recovery System for Wastewater technology.

Details: Developed on the International Space Station (ISS) for use with the Environmental Control and Life Support Systems (ECLSSs), the Ammonia Recovery System for Wastewater is a regenerable struvite-formation system that can capture ammonia by using a highly selective method. The system retains the ammonia for later use in items such as fertilizer and on a much larger scale than it was originally developed for as a part of ECLSSs.

Benefits: Some of the benefits of this technology include short removal and regeneration time, higher capacity than current absorbent systems, and overall lower cost and higher efficiency for selecting ammonia than typical ion-exchange resins.

Applications: Potential fields of application include:

  • Municipal and agricultural wastewater
  • Food processing and fertilizer plants
  • Textiles. 


Contact: For more information about this technology, contact Jonathan Leahy at