Energy Storage for Social Equity Roundtable

June 21, 2021

Energy Storage for Social Equity Roundtable

In support of the Office of Electricity Energy Storage program, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), will host a roundtable to explore the relationship between energy equity and energy storage. This event is presented in collaboration with Sandia National Laboratories.

Flexible and available at any scale, energy storage offers a useful framework and starting point in a larger conversation around energy equity. Through storage, we can imagine more broadly how improvements and investments in the grid can respond to social and health challenges and increase affordability, reliability, and community value in the future. The roundtable will feature keynotes and conversations with people leading the charge in transitioning our energy system to a more equitable, affordable, accessible, and sustainable future.

The event is organized into four conversations:

State and Local Government
Hear from representatives in state and local governments administering energy equity programs. Speakers will discuss the current procedural, structural, and regulatory environment and will establish program development goals around energy equity.

Communities Through Transition
Community leaders from traditionally energy-burdened communities are at the forefront of climate change and environmental justice. In this conversation, a diverse group of voices will discuss the energy needs and priorities of underserved and vulnerable populations, including capacity and data.

Utility Business Practices
Representatives from private and public utilities will explore practical considerations of planning and implementing a more equitable grid, discuss best practices, and present novel approaches.

Energy Storage as an Equity Asset
Industry analysts and experienced practitioners in demographic diagnostics and grid investments will discuss how deployment of energy storage can respond to local environmental and health concerns and community needs.

Event organizers will provide attendees and participants with reading materials before the event to set a theoretical foundation and starting point for meaningful discussion. After the event, organizers will develop a draft report capturing discussion topics and key takeaways.

Keynote speakers and roundtable participants will be announced soon. This is a dynamic conversation with opportunities for attendee Q&A and feedback whiteboards. Please join us!