Hacking4Defense and Beyond

December 6, 2022

Hacking4Defense and Beyond

Noon - 1 PM ET

From national security to natural disasters, from energy to the environment, the critical challenges we face today have common elements: they cut across government, private and non-profit sectors and are constantly evolving in a fast-moving world. These challenges require a problem-based approach to ensure solutions are relevant, grounded and implementable in the real world.

While there are ways to address these challenges in the commercial ecosystem, there is an equally important opportunity in the mission centric ecosystem. This session will introduce the concept of mission-focused entrepreneurship method created by Steve Blank.

FLC Career Pathway(s)

Marketing/Business Development


The webinar speaker will be Tyrome ‘Ty’ Smith.


Ty has over 25 years of consulting experience leading executives and their teams by helping them understand human and organizational dynamics. Currently, he is the Director of Partnership for the Common Mission Project, whose mission is to create an international network of entrepreneurs driven to solve the critical challenges of our time. Prior to that, he was a senior consultant to the Department of Defense (DoD). Ty developed an innovative education program for the DoD; including coaching and mentoring product development teams engaged in an internal incubator. He is a much sought-after workshop presenter for topics ranging from unconscious bias to business model innovation.

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