Improve Your FLC Regional Award Submissions

May 21, 2021

Improve Your FLC Regional Award Submissions

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Speakers will discuss their insights into many ‎of the aspects of the process, including selecting an award category, preparing the ‎submission, and what the judges look for in the review process. ‎

Topics will include choosing the programs to nominate; the reviewer’s perspective of ‎the nomination review; and how awards benefit labs and agencies.‎ This information will be useful for attendees who plan to submit for the 2021 FLC regional ‎awards.‎

Sabra L. Tomb
Attorney-Advisor, Air Force Research Laboratory
FLC Midwest Regional Coordinator
Professional Development Working Group Chair, DoD LQEP-T2‎

John D. Eisemann
Technology Transfer Program Manager
USDA APHIS Wildlife Services National Wildlife Research Center
FLC Mid-Continent Regional Coordinator

David J Kistin
Manager, Technology and Economic Development
Associate Director, Quantum Systems Accelerator
Sandia National Laboratories
FLC Mid-Continent Deputy Regional Coordinator

Michele L. Newton ‎
Communications Specialist
Invention Development and Marketing Unit
NCI Technology Transfer Center

Tom Stackhouse, PhD
Director, Technology Transfer Center
National Cancer Institute, NIH, DHHS
FLC Member-at-Large

The Agenda for the workshop is as follows:
1. Introductions - Moderator and Speakers
2. Overview of the FLC Awards
a. Background/History of the FLC Awards
b. Award Categories
c. Award Submission Dates
3. Choosing which awards to submit or nominate (John Eisemann)
4. Benefits of participating in the award process (John Eisemann)
5. Preparing to submit an award and pulling the submission together (Michelle Newton/Tom Stackhouse)
6. The reviewer's perspective (David Kistin and Sabra Tomb)
7. Group discussion - reviewer's and judges - Q&A