NDIA National Security AI Conference and Exhibition (NSAICE)

Virtual Conference
March 21, 2021

NDIA National Security AI Conference and Exhibition (NSAICE)

This groundbreaking event is more than just a conference and exhibition. It’s a rare opportunity for defense professionals working with artificial intelligence and machine learning to be part of a conversation that is sure to affect the future of American warfighters’ competitive advantage. And, it features the brand-new AI Capabilities Center where leading innovators and entrepreneurs will showcase their cutting-edge products, ideas, and services.

Given the bipartisan recognition of the need for the United States to win our innovation competition with other nations such as China, it is critical that we develop and deploy our greatest technologies—including autonomous functionalities—to bolster our national security with greater target identification. To facilitate such development and deployment, this premier event focused on innovation in AI across the competition continuum convenes government, industry, and academia to develop the application of AI solutions, discover federal AI initiatives, and explore real-world AI technology.

Join us in leveraging AI to strengthen the safety and security of the United States and our allies—all while the National Security Commission on AI also hosts a public conference on public-private partnerships for AI and national security.

Why Attend?

There are many questions about the application of AI throughout the national security enterprise that remain unanswered. However, subject matter experts and policymakers are working to ensure the efficient and detailed answering of those questions to further provide the best capabilities to our warfighters. Attend this event and you will obtain unparalleled access to key information and members of the AI community.

• Learn from major AI influencers, innovators, and practitioners who are actively developing and deploying AI solutions that will define the future of national security.
• Hear from Program Offices across government on their key requirements, planned initiatives, and acquisition priorities for AI.
• Network with experts across government, industry, and academia while building your company’s visibility within the AI community.
• Visit the AI Capabilities Center to hear about real-world AI applications and engage with the industry’s finest innovators and solutions providers.
• Explore human augmentation; enhanced situational awareness, analysis, and decision-making aids; enhanced operations through predictive maintenance, digital engineering, and supply chain security; increased resiliency through big data analytics, anomaly detection, and real-time inferencing; and more!

What Are the Conference Tracks?

* Defense, Intelligence, and Homeland Security
* Research and Innovation
* Public Health, Biosecurity, and Humanity
* Manufacturing and Supply Chain
* Transportation and Logistics
* Energy and Infrastructure