Sandia Labs Entrepreneurial Equity Forum

Virtual Conference
August 20, 2020

Sandia Labs Entrepreneurial Equity Forum

Join Sandia National Laboratories for a two-day event to explore pathways for increasing the participation of women and Native American entrepreneurs in the New Mexico economy, and the role the National Lab and city, tribal, and state actors could play to advance this outcome.

The event features a combination of panel discussions and participatory sessions that reflect on practical steps that federal, tribal, state, city, and private actors can take to advance and inclusive and resilient economy in New Mexico.

Sessions build on one another, and the Entrepreneurial Journey breakout session is integral to informing action items and next steps. We will assign you to a breakout room and an interactive role. Please let us know if you do not plan to take part in this part of the programming.

Day 2 continues with gender and indigenous perspectives on entrepreneurship in New Mexico, and we conclude the day with a facilitated plenary discussion about concrete next steps that private and public organizations and individuals can take to advance an inclusive and resilient economy in the State.