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The Center for Rehabilitation Sciences Research (CRSR) was established as a research organization to promote successful return to duty and community reintegration of injured service members, particularly those with orthopaedic trauma, limb loss and neurological complications. The goal of CRSR has been to foster innovation, incorporate clinical and technical advances in the rehabilitative care of service members, and disseminate these new discoveries in a highly efficient manner within the military treatment facilities (MTFs). Given the uniqueness of combat-related trauma it remains imperative for CRSR to provide the readiness and resilience research for the Department of Defense (DoD).

Headquartered at the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences, CRSR has continued to coordinate inter-service research by formulating partnerships with Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, the National Intrepid Center for Excellence, San Diego National Military Medical Center, the Center for the Intrepid at San Antonio Military Medical Center, BALBOA, Portsmouth Naval Medical Center and the Department of Veterans Affairs. These MTFs care for the majority of injured service members returning from military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

To accomplish this objective, CRSR was divided into four primary research focus areas: 1) Identifying Barriers to Successful Integration, 2) Improvements to Pain Management Strategies, 3) Application of New Technologies to Advance Rehabilitation and Performance Measures, and 4) Transfer of New Technology Interventions to Improve Functionality. Each of the research focuses share their results both intra and extramurally to influence the clinical practice of injured service members as well as introduce new research hypotheses. Given CRSR's close ties between academics, research and clinical care, new developments have the ability to make an immediate impact on the care/management of wounded warriors, veterans and the civilian community alike.


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