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This facility will modernize and centralize the ARDEC propellant pilot plant manufacturing operations and the propellant characterization/testing laboratories. A major mission within ARDEC is to serve as the executive authority for the AMC Lead Laboratory for Energetic Materials Technology and as a national center of expertise in the science and technology of energetic materials. A part of this mission is to provide life cycle engineering and technical support to Army segments in the manufacture, application and field use of energetic materials and components of munitions systems. The development of propellants and propulsion devices employed by armor, artillery, air defense, infantry and combat engineer systems is a very important aspect of this mission.

The HEPFF will enable improved execution of programs in exploratory and advanced development, and evaluation of propellant formulations, manufacturing processes, propellant charges, and igniters. These functions provide the capability for direct technical support to the PMs ( i.e., Mortars, Maneuver Systems, FCS, Small Arms), who are responsible for over 80 percent of the Army's Ammunition.

The HEPFF pilot plant is equipped with various mixers, extrusion presses, roll mills, and propellant finishing equipment to produce both solvent and solventless propellants, including composite propellants based on energetic thermo-plastic elastomers and high energy fillers. Characterization and testing capabilities include a rheology laboratory for energetic materials, burning rate by closed bomb and strand burner, calorimetry and thermal analysis facilities, and physical properties measurement, as well as subscale interior ballistic performance determination, and energetic sensitivity testing (critical diameter, shock initiation). The HEPFF will provide a comprehensive site for the continuation of ARDEC's role in propellant development, and a focal point for preserving and advancing the knowledge base necessary for efficient and productive future propellant development.


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