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#2014FLC - National Meeting, Tuesday Preview

  Good morning and welcome back to Day Two of the national meeting, as we discuss what's going on in the world of T2. If you took one of our intensive courses yesterday, now is the time when you'll expand your training and see what you learned in practice. Just joining us for the day? It's a great day to catch up with current events and issues, and learn what others in the field are doing to meet the charge of accelerating innovation. We have a lot going on today that you don't want to miss, starting with our keynote speakers. Rep. Chris Van Hollen represents Maryland's 8th District, home to a number of federal labs and our meeting location, and is the ranking member of the House Budget Committee. John Serafini is Vice-President of Allied Minds, which focuses on early-stage commercialization and is partnering with several federal labs to make it happen. We're looking forward to both of their perspectives on the federal labs' role in getting innovations to the market. Other big sessions:
  • The Human Element Panel - You'll hear about specific tech transfer projects that not only resulted in a commercial product, but tangibly improved people's lives. This year we'll be talking about a new depression treatment, medical imaging technology, and a new crime scene analysis tool.
  • Social Media and Tech Transfer - In today's environment, social media is an effective tech transfer tool because of its low cost, but also because of the new ways we communicate with the world. Led by Aaron Sauers, who has championed social media at a series of labs, you'll get a walkthrough of ways that various social media platforms are being used to accomplish T2 and discuss what's worked for you and your colleagues.
  • Interagency Collaboration - You all know how crucial working with another lab or agency can be at times, and how complicated it can get when the other agency doesn't do T2 quite the same way yours does. This session will go over some of the best practices for making interagency collaborations work.
In addition to these highlights, we have a many more great topics planned for the day and we hope you get a chance to hear them all. Then this evening, the networking reception will help you connect with others to discuss the topics and share best practices on a personal level. If you're new to the meeting, don't forget to play the passport game! Afterward, we hope you'll join our special training session on writing award submissions - always a hot topic around here. Come see us at the registration desk anytime if you have questions. As always, you can also connect with us on Twitter using the hashtag #2014FLC. See you there!
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