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Reusable Tamper-Evident Bag

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Scientists at the National Security Agency (NSA) have developed a tamper-indicating bag that can be reused while still maintaining its characteristic level of confidentiality/security needed by couriers. This invention addresses that need by providing its user with the ability to initiate round-trip courier services without including supplemental supplies or complex procedures.

The dual-seal characteristic of this container allows items to be outbound couriered, its primary seal to be inspected and certified by its recipient, and a return trip to be initiated using its secondary seal. Receipt tags are also provided to authenticate the bag upon inspection, which may very well constitute the entire contents of the return shipment in certain certified shipments.

The reusable tamper-evident bag minimizes costs for couriering items requiring subsequent return or forwarding by eliminating the need for additional materials.

This patented technology has potential application for:

  • Courier services
  • Industrial packaging
  • Medical packaging
  • Sealed court documents
  • Banking documents
  • Transporting proprietary/confidential documents
  • Return-receipt applications requiring successful completion evidence and certification for confidential point-to-point deliveries.

For more information, email mtroche@nsa.gov or call 443-479-9569.

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