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The Water Council announces Fall Challenge topic, calls for submissions

The Water Council has announced its Fall 2020 Challenge Topic, water quality sensing and/or remediating, and is welcoming innovative submissions on that topic through November 1. This challenge is open to federal researchers.

The FLC's Technology Focus Area Program for Water partners with The Water Council to promote laboratory water related technologies to its members. This partnership also includes promoting TWC initiatives to the labs.

Successful applicants will have the opportunity to present your innovation to A.O. Smith, Badger Meter and Zurn and compete for:

* Funding with maximum total prize money of $15,000
* Opportunity for high potential for joint commercialization with market leaders
* Access to sponsoring companies’ R&D team expertise

TWC's corporate partners are seeking innovative solutions for water quality sensing and/or remediating for:

1) heavy metals and industrial chemicals (such as lead, PFOA and PFAS) in water and wastewater, and
2) microbiological organisms in water and remediation using alternative disinfection technologies (non-chlorine)

Potential applications of these technologies include:

* Presence of illicit discharges to storm and sanitary sewers
* Presence of pathogens in water distribution system, wastewater effluent and biosolids
* Process monitoring of wastewater treatment
* Point of use
* Industrial applications
* Municipal water supply
* Well water disinfection
* Industrial wastewater discharge
* Municipal wastewater effluent

Key success criteria include:

* Durable
* Low cost
* Long lasting
* Low energy usage
* Rapid response
* Minimizing false positives or false negatives
* Ability to work in environments with high turbidity and/or high temperature

For more information contact FLC/Kevin Barquinero, kbarquinero@federallabs.org or TWC/Karen Frost, kfrost@thewatercouncil.com. Or visit: https://watertechhub.com/challenge/water-tech-challenge/

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