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Volpe Infographics Demonstrate T2 Results



The Volpe Center performs a great deal of research together with and for other agencies, organizations, and state and local transportation authorities. Now the Center is showing the results of its research, which covers everything from maritime and railway safety, to fuel economy, to airport runway efficiency. Here are a few of the groups Volpe’s worked with recently:

  • Memphis and Louisville International Airports
  • Transit authorities in New Jersey, Florida, and Vermont
  • Both the Federal Aviation Administration and the Federal Railroad Administration
  • USAID, NOAA and various DOD groups
  • Panama Canal and St. Lawrence Seaway.

The Center’s work involves increasing safety and efficiency, reducing environmental impacts, and providing important statistics. It’s helped local transportation authorities try out some new safety tools, and it’s also helping industry. For example, Volpe’s work with airports has benefited delivery companies such as FedEx, which can now save $1.8 million a month in fuel costs while reducing emissions, and deploy 14 more planes each hour. Now that’s a big benefit for those of you anticipating your holiday deliveries this month!

For more information, check out Volpe’s infographics on Corporate Average Fuel Economy Standards, Highway-Rail Grade Crossing Safety and Trespass Prevention, Wake Turbulence Separation Standards for Aircraft, and Maritime Situational Awareness.

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