About Research Grants, Contracts, & Types of Funding Announcements

Funding Instruments
  • Grant: Financial assistance mechanism providing money, property, or both to an eligible entity to carry out an approved project or activity. A grant is used whenever an NIH Institute or Center (IC) anticipates no substantial programmatic involvement with the recipient during performance of the financially assisted activities.
  • Contract: An award instrument used to acquire by purchase, lease, or barter, property or services from a non-federal party for the direct benefit or use of the federal government. For a contract, the government establishes detailed requirements to meet its perceived needs and decides on the entity to meet those needs.
  • Cooperative Agreement: A financial assistance instrument under which substantial involvement is anticipated between the federal agency and the recipient during performance of the contemplated project or activity. These agreements are similar to grants, but federal staff have substantial scientific or programmatic involvement.
Lab Representatives
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