Every day, thousands of federal researchers, scientists, and their industry partners are hard at work on innovations that will one day be transferred from the laboratory in order to provide an economic return on our nation’s investment in federal R&D. From advancements in medicine to improvements in national security, or breakthroughs in energy production and conservation, federal R&D enhances the everyday lives of Americans while advancing our nation's socioeconomic position in the global marketplace. Transferring federal laboratories’ innovations from the theoretical to the practical is no small feat, which is why the FLC is eager to promote every successful technology commercialization that goes from lab to market. As a testament to the hard work and dedication that federal laboratory personnel and their partners conduct daily, the following stories describe the R&D, trials, and technology transfer successes that have taken place throughout the Region and across the nation.

Sandia researchers Jerry Simmons (left to right), Jeff Tsao, and Mike Coltrin show LED devices at their lab in Sandia's Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies facility. Image courtesy of Sandia National Laboratories.

Curtis Mowry, left, and Mike Siegal show their nanoporous carbon-coated SAW sensors that form the heart of Parker-Hannifin Corp.'s trihalomethane water analyzer, which provides almost instant feedback on the levels of disinfection byproducts in water before it reaches consumers. (Image from Sandia National Laboratories, Randy Montoya)

Decontamination foam, developed by Sandia National Laboratories, is being used to remove mold from a roof. The image is courtesy of Decon7, one of eight licensees of the decontamination foam.

A titanium bolt and the corresponding amount of titanium powder necessary to create it.

Parts of a shredded hard drive that's being recycled.