2008 Titanium metal injection molding Far West

Award Year 

Energy Expert is the commercial name given to the newly adapted version of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory’s (PNNL) Whole Building Energy Diagnostician (WBE). The technology was originally designed as a stand-alone software tool for monitoring a building’s energy use. More specifically, the WBE is a software tool that monitors energy use in whole or major building systems. The technology uses trend data to automatically detect and provide alerts for anomalies in (more) energy consumption, as well as supporting information on causes. The technology automatically creates a model of energy use as data are accumulated. The model is then used to predict future energy use and alerts building operations staff to variances between actual measured consumption and the expected measurements. NorthWrite, Inc. realized the commercial potential of the software, but needed it reconfigured to operate as a Web-based technology. NorthWrite approached PNNL to help them make the adjustments. Using funds from the Federal Energy Management Program, a team from PNNL and NorthWrite enhanced the tool to increase its flexibility and usability by converting it to a Web-based application. These enhancements eliminated the need for costly equipment and additional software, making the tool less expensive and easier to maintain. The WBE is the computation engine behind NorthWrite’s user interface in the software tool called the Energy Expert. Energy Expert is now the centerpiece in NorthWrite’s energy business development efforts. It is offered as part of a suite of diagnostic tools called WorkSite™. In the past, building operations managers could only track a building’s energy consumption through monthly utility bills. With the WBE in Energy Expert, they can identify unexpected changes in energy usage on a consistent basis and at a moment’s notice. This ability to continuously monitor energy usage means expensive fluctuations in energy performance can be addressed sooner, resulting in greater energy efficiency and lower energy costs. (less)