2017 NSWC Crane Partnership with NASA Glenn Research Center Midwest

Award Year 

In fall 2015, the Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer (FLC) hosted its Midwest regional meeting in Cleveland, Ohio, home of NASA Glenn Research Center. During this meeting, NASA Glenn held an industry evening and invited its industry partners in the area to present and talk to other federal labs. One participant and partner of NASA Glenn is the Ohio Aerospace Institute (OAI), a nonprofit organization that works to improve the aerospace industry by connecting corporations, federal agencies, nonprofit organizations, and academic institutions through research and technology development, workforce preparedness, and networking across the industry. (more)

As a lab not usually present in the aerospace industry, NSWC Crane is continually looking for partners in unexplored industry or focus areas to increase its reach and exposure. Following the Midwest regional meeting, OAI and NSWC Crane entered into discussions centered on how to work together and bring NSWC Crane’s subject-matter expertise into the aerospace field and northern Ohio.

In spring 2016, NSWC Crane invited OAI and its affiliated members to visit NSWC Crane, tour the facilities, meet inventors and subject-matter experts, and cap off the visit with an official signing of a Partnership Intermediary Agreement (PIA).  The following year, in conjunction with NASA Glenn and other regional partners, OAI produced a program entitled “DoD NAVSEA Technology & Innovation Exchange” to introduce NSWC Crane to the northern Ohio aerospace community. The program included an overview of NSWC Crane and how to do business with a federal lab, presented areas of expertise NSWC Crane is currently working in, and covered small business opportunities and partnering options available for interested parties. NSWC Crane provided a wide range of experts to meet with industry members at the event, including Brooke Pyne (ORTA), Jenna Dix (T2 Agreements Administrator), and Matt Burkett (Deputy for Small Business).

From this event, NSWC Crane has made several exciting partnerships. Case Western Reserve University, the top-ranked research university in Ohio, and NSWC Crane have been working to put an Education Partnership Agreement (EPA) in place. Additionally, experts from NSWC Crane have joined Case Western subcommittees on Additive Manufacturing, Advanced Materials and Polymers for the LIFT Lightweight Certification program. Subcommittees include individuals from government, industry, and academia with the goal of “develop[ing] learning outcomes for [the Case Western Reserve University] curriculum that integrate feedback from both industry and government.”

Other technology transfer from this event included a pending license and Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with a world-class leader in manufacturing, engineering, fabrication, assembly, and machining services, which has the potential to be a highly lucrative partnership.