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Huntsville City Schools Sign a Partnership Agreement with Army Researchers

AMRDEC Huntsville

As part of its ongoing partnership building with academia, the U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Research, Development and Engineering Center is collaborating with Huntsville City Schools in additive manufacturing.

AMRDEC Executive Director James Lackey and Huntsville City Schools Superintendent Casey Wardynski signed an education partnership agreement to promote science, technology, engineering and math efforts in additive manufacturing July 19.

"This EPA allows AMRDEC to collaborate with Huntsville City Schools to use the school system's machines for real-world projects," Lackey said. "Projects to prototype components and parts for aviation and missile system designs can be assigned for students to manufacture."

Wardynski said working with Army researchers will significantly benefit to students.

"This is a very valuable partnership for the school system," Wardynski said. "This genre will be advanced manufacturing, computer-aided design and working with advanced materials such as carbon fiber and 3D printing using resins and metals."

This partnership seeks to promote academic achievement in preparation for global workforce competitiveness and strengthen student, educator and engineering education capabilities.

"AM allows one to specifically engineer very complex shapes tailored for certain specific uses. Complex parts can be made very cheaply by these machines and in very repeatable manner," Lackey said. "As the aerospace industry begins to adopt AM, AMRDEC likewise needs to keep pace and work this capability into our technology roadmaps."

According to Wardynski, a trained workforce helps the U.S. remain globally competitive and maintain a technological advantage over its adversaries.

"The arsenal is critical to the United States, and it can't succeed if you don't have the talent to put our kids in great jobs," he said.

Lackey concurred.

"This is a huge win-win for the local community," Lackey said. "Under the great strategic vision of Dr. Wardynski, he has recognized additive manufacturing as a real technology game changer and an advanced area of study where we can educate and enlighten our youth to develop interests in STEM careers."


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