Technologies for Lightweight High Resolution X-Ray Optics

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A Stirling Idea

Stirling Technology Company developed the components for its BeCOOL line of Cryocoolers with the help of a series of NASA SBIRs, through Goddard Space Flight Center and Marshall Space Flight Center. Features include a hermetically sealed design, compact size, and silent operation. The company has...
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Arnold Mirror Modeler Software

This software creates complex finite element models of large-format, lightweight mirrors for complete input decks. Before, building these models could take engineers weeks or even months to complete a single iteration. Now the modeler tool can do the same task in minutes. The software creates many...
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Audit Tracking Information System (ATIS)

The Audit Tracking Information System (ATIS) provides the audit manager and team with the tools/information needed to perform, manage, and close an audit. All affected personnel have centralized, timely access to system tools and data. The process is automated to the maximum extent practical,...
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Autonomous Real Time Requirements Tracing (ART)

This NASA software offers the ability to directly trace the real-time execution of software to specific requirements, a unique capability that can only be performed with a Timeliner-TLX system, as no other computer languages directly report this data during execution. The tracing feature does not...
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AutoPost can process any configuration of test data as needed. The tool can combine a series of data parameters into a single parameter.