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Double Stranded RNA for Asian Citrus Psyllid Control

Novel double stranded RNA constructs that target trehalase enzyme, gene expression in psyllids. Trehalose is the major blood sugar in insects with a crucial role as an instant source of energy and in dealing with abiotic stresses. The hydrolysis of trehalose is under the enzymatic control of trehalase. The use of constructs suitable as topical applied or incorporation for plant expression.

• Provides focused pest suppression, psyllids, Asian citrus psyllid by reducing populations
• Could result in a reduction in the use of insecticides in citrus production.
• Can be applied as topical product or incorporated into citrus trees in expression systems

• Safe and efficacious psyllid population suppression to aid reduction of transmission and spread of Liberibacter asiaticus, pathogenic bacteria in citrus.

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