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Dual-mode, common-aperture antenna system

A multi-mode, common-aperture antenna system capable of simultaneously transmitting and/or receiving electromagnetic radiation in at least two frequency bands. The antenna system includes a first beam antenna comprised of a parabolic reflector and four open-ended waveguides that act as an antenna feed. The parabolic reflector focuses radiation along a first beam axis that may be scanned electronically or mechanically. The four waveguides extend from the focus of the parabolic reflector to transceivers that transmit and/or receive radiation in a first mode. The transceivers mount at the rear of the reflector. The antenna system also includes a second beam antenna which operates in a second mode, e.g. optical or infrared (IR) mode. The second beam antenna includes a small opening in the parabolic reflector that acts as an optical aperture for a focusing lens mounted at the rear of the reflector and positioned coaxially with the small opening. An optical apparatus occupies the focal plane of the focusing lens. The optical apparatus generates and/or senses optical radiation incident with the beam axis of the second beam antenna.

Lothar Wandinger, Elmer Freibergs, Yu-Wen Chang

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Patent Issue Date: 
June 1, 2001
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