Success Story


Army metrology

The U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Research, Development, and Engineering Center Weapons Development and Integration Directorate manages the AMRDEC Metrology Team.

3-D Scanning Systems

The Metrology team incorporates 3-D scanning systems to rapidly capture the shapes of objects for reverse engineering and quality control. Metrology is the science of measurement. It provides value to AMRDEC by crafting highly-accurate dimensional data sets which can be translated through advanced analytic techniques to produce three dimensional electronic product data files.

Improvements In Innovation

Originally, data measurements were obtained through the use of physical measurements with tools like calipers. Inspection tools evolved into coordinated measurement machines to accurately measure individual points of a surface. This sparse sampling often missed important variations in surfaces. Hand-held laser scanners increased the number of points measured but had problems capturing edge detail and scaling across larger objects such as aircraft while maintaining high fidelity. The use of optical metrology methods has allowed AMRDEC to shorten production cycles and realize greater cost efficiency. Items scanned include aircraft, vehicles and spacecraft. The scans allow engineers to collect and use accurate production-ready dimensions and tolerances as well as the ability to better define material need. This lowers scrap and rework, which represent unnecessary costs in manufacturing.

Manufacturing Technology

Manufacturing technology is a key part of AMRDEC activity. In partnership with the other services, AMRDEC will continue to lead the way on defining use of metrology for aviation and missile systems applications across DoD and industry. A collaborative agreement to work with NASA is under legal review.