Career Paths

A curated approach to professional development 

In today’s technology transfer (T2) offices, career advancement is based less on tenure and more on knowledge and skills—a concept called competency-based career paths. That’s why the FLC’s professional development curriculum is designed to help tech transfer professionals develop new competencies with which they can explore new and challenging career opportunities. 

Whether you’re new to federal technology transfer or have spent years in the field, FLC Career paths will allow you to grow, expand, and pursue changing interests in a supportive and encouraging environment. 

Pick your path

FLC offers five career paths (listed in the far left column of the table below) developed specifically for federal T2 professionals by subject matter experts. These career paths are based on functional competency domains that encompass the most sought-after skills in federal tech transfer. 

Career Paths Activities Types Attributes

Intellectual Property Management

Identify, Develop, Manage, Monetize, License

Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, Software

Legal, Identification, Prioritization, Maintenance, Visualization, Commercialization


Develop, Activate, Monitor

CRADA, Patent License, Trademark License, Copyright License, Software License, EPA, MTA, NDA

Legal, Negotiation, Valuation Rights


Align, Collect, Report, Mitigate

Legal, Ethical, Internal, Export Control

Legal, Identification, Cultural Norms


Staffing, SOPs, IP and Agreement Tracking, Financial Management, Strategy Development, Goal Setting and Execution

Tools, Budget, Strategy, Planning

Legal, Cultural Norms, Funding

Marketing/Business Development

Define, Develop,
Highlight, Outreach

Value Proposition, Target Audiences, Program Materials, Innovator, Interviews, Innovator Recognition
Program, Speaking
Engagements, Awards

Legal, Funding,
Cultural Norms, Commercialization

Each career path encompasses multiple types of related competencies. For example, the Intellectual Property Management domain includes four types of competencies: patents, trademarks, copyrights, and software. Curated courses will cover the specific knowledge and skills that tech transfer professionals will need to master each type. 

Visit the Learning Center for more details about specific courses available for your chosen career path.