How to Search

How to Search FLC Business


Pro Tips

  • When searching on multiple tabs (Technology, Category, etc.), the search will need to be cleared before starting a new one.
  • Only single keywords will work for searching. For example, search "laser" instead of "cold laser"

What is a Portfolio?

A portfolio is a specific lab's technologies listed in FLC Business.

What is a Tag?

A Tag in FLC Busines refers to an agency or an FLC region.

Search FLC Business

Click "Search FLC Business" to open the search in a new tab.

Select the area you wish to search (Technologies or Portfolios)​




Type in a keyword in the search bar​, for example, "laser"




Filter your results using the Tags drop-down menu​



You may also browse using the Categories tab

For a description of categories download the NSF Federal Facilities Research and Development (FFRD) Survey, FY 2022.


Questions? Have something you would like to add to FLC Business? Contact [email protected]