FLC Business FAQs

FLC Business can be found on the FLC website at www.federallabs.org. The link for FLC Business can be found on the top right menu item which offers a drop down for searching, intent to license and a tutorial page explaining how to conduct an efficient search. 

All federal lab members can participate in posting technologies from their labs. For information on FLC membership, click here.  

Anyone! The FLC Business platform is open to the public and is free to use to browse technologies, lab facilities and equipment! No log in required to search.  

The primary purpose of FLC Business is to provide a mechanism for public-private collaboration leading to partnerships and licensing opportunities. This is a useful search tool for federal laboratory resources.

The best way to use FLC Business is to browse by using the Categories tab. You can search for a specific keyword and/or tags using the Technologies search bar. Check out our How to Search page to help you conduct an efficient and successful search.  

If you have questions regarding your technology search, please contact Katherine Segreti

Yes. You can search for a testing facility by conducting a keyword search under the Technologies tab and selecting “Facilities & Equipment” under the drop-down menu.  

A portfolio is a specific lab's technologies listed in FLC Business. 

A Tag in FLC Business refers to an agency or an FLC region. 

If you are a representative for a federal lab and would like to post information to FLC Business, please contact our FLC Business Tech Associate, Katherine Segreti ([email protected])

Yes, FLC Business provides a public space to post a Notice of Intent to License. For more information or to post a Notice, please contact our Webmaster, Jess Klein: [email protected]