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Welcome to the FLC Learning Center. Our goal is to best equip our members and anyone looking to sharpen their technology transfer skills with the educational tools and resources necessary to further their T2 professional development. Whether you’re a newcomer or an experienced T2 officer, the FLC Learning Center houses a variety of training courses and instructional materials to put you on the path towards commercialization success.

Advance Your T2 Knowledge
From e-learning courses to live-streamed speaker webinars, our education and training offerings are designed to prepare all levels of T2 learners with the knowledge they need to better protect their intellectual property (IP), market and license their technologies, or negotiate an R&D partnership for positive commercialization outcomes.

On Demand

Learn about T2 at your own pace with our convenient, on demand e-courses, webinars, and references. The FLC is committed to providing technology transfer professionals, researchers, and members of industry with the educational tools and services needed to improve any agency’s commercialization efforts.

Training Events

Join our live, instructional training courses and discover commercialization best practice strategies. Looking to advance your T2 training? The FLC is pleased to offer an array of live, instructional training courses designed to help newcomers and seasoned T2 professionals alike discover commercialization best practice strategies.

What is T2?

New to T2? Learn more about what federal T2 is and how to get the process started!


Accelerate your T2 skills and explore our educational resources! The FLC’s Learning Center offers resources designed to better equip our members and their industry partners along the path to commercialization success.