Industry and Tech Events

Industry and Tech Events

Get involved with the federal labs and our T2 partners

Most federal tech transfer collaborations involve a lab and a partner organization who share an interest in a particular technology sector. That’s why the FLC Regions have created Industry and Tech Events focused on specific technologies — such as artificial intelligence, microelectronics, wildfire abatement, cybersecurity, quantum science, and biotech — identified as growth areas by federal and industry analysts.

Industry and Tech Events are hosted by the FLC Regions, but stakeholders from across the innovation ecosystem are encouraged to attend. Technologies related to combating and preventing wildfires are of particular interest to the Far West and Mid-Continent regions, for example, but federal labs and nonfederal prospective partners from other regions also may be able to make key contributions toward developing and commercializing wildfire abatement technologies.

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Green Energy Innovation Expo

May 17, 2023

Green energy technology has never been more in demand. On May 17, 2023, the Federal Laboratory Consortium (FLC), AUTM, and the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) will be sponsoring the Green Energy Innovation Expo, where we will highlight the impact of green energy in the fight against climate change.

The day-long event will be attended by some 300 members of the technology development and commercialization community who work in the green energy sector.

This event will facilitate partnerships between businesses and federal laboratories, universities, and private-sector innovators—including government-funded startups—offering a wide range of green energy technologies for licensing, including green hydrogen, energy storage, and wind energy.

Attendees will have the opportunity to showcase their innovation portfolios in front of key industry representatives and build collaborative relationships with other organizations operating in this field. This event supports two priorities of the Biden Administration, FLC, AUTM, and the USPTO—promoting technology transfer and addressing climate change.

The summit will include:

  • panel discussions
  • a networking session for potential licensees and licensors
  • one-on-one partnering meetings
  • a pitch competition
  • a presentation from industry licensees about green technology needs

The day-long summit will begin at 9 a.m. ET and will be held at USPTO headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia, in the Madison Building's Clara Barton Auditorium.


FLC and AUTM Host a Green Energy Innovation Pitch Competition  

In this pitch-styled competition -- scheduled for May 17 at the US Patent and Trademark Office headquarter in Alexandria, Virginia -- your small business or startup has the opportunity to share its green energy storage or production innovation with venture capitalists and angel investors. In the vein of Shark Tank, if your pitch issuccessful, your project could receive funding.  

Pitch applications are open and must be received by March 31, 2023. Selections will be made by April 21. Technologies pitched must be supported by federal grant funding or be developed by a federal laboratory. 

The competition will be held during the free Green Energy Innovation Expo, jointly sponsored by AUTM, the Federal Laboratory Consortium and the USPTO. Applicants are encouraged to register for the Expo and attend the competition, even if their pitch is not selected. 

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