Policies & Bylaws

Procedures for transforming plans into practice

Setting a course for success

An organization’s mission and vision are only as effective as the policies that are put into place to help achieve them. The policies guiding the FLC’s strategic operations start with the Consortium’s Bylaws and also address its advisors, volunteers, finances, and strategic partnerships with external organizations.

FLC 2023 Executive Board Guidebook
Year published: 2023

The Executive Board Guidebook outlines the roles, responsibilities and functions of the FLC. This Guidebook includes the rules for conducting business, funding, the FLC bylaws, cooperative agreement partner information and the strategic plan. 

FLC Financial Policy
Year published: 2022

This policy was approved by the FLC Executive Board during their July 2022 Board Meeting. It outlines the financial management of FLC funds, budget and budget requests, authority to sign contracts, financial reserves, expense reimbursement, check signing and the fiscal year.

FLC Committee Chair Elections Policy
Year published: 2022

This policy outlines the election process for the chairs of the Promote Committee, Educate Committee and Facilitate Committee who serve as representatives of the FLC Executive Board. It was approved on April 6, 2022.

FLC Policy: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility
Year published: 2022

The Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer (FLC) is committed to fostering diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility within its structure, leadership, membership, programs, and in the technology transfer profession. The FLC will consider the needs of all stakeholders to enable full participation in FLC activities and programs.

FLC Region Handbook
Year published: 2022

The FLC Region Handbook provides useful information on the organizational structure of the FLC, its regions, regional programs, finances and resources. This Handbooks is essential reading for all FLC volunteers. 

FLC Volunteer Policy
Year published: 2021

The Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer (FLC) operates through the combined effort of many individuals that may be by position, elected, staff, subcontractors, or interested stakeholders from industry, academia, and state and local government.  Volunteers from a variety of sources are key to the ongoing function of the FLC.  This policy describes how the FLC will recruit, manage, and work with volunteers. 

FLC Wire Transfer Disbursement Policy
Year published: 2021

All wire transfers from the FLC under the Cooperative Agreement with AUTM will be disbursed from AUTM according to the following steps outlined in this policy.

FLC National Advisory Council Policy
Year published: 2021

The National Advisory Council (NAC) is tasked to provide the Executive Board (EB) with user community views and suggestions related to the operations of the Consortium, as well as independent advice on any other topics mutually agreed to by the EB and the NAC. This document outlines the policies applied to the NAC.

FLC Strategic Partnerships Policy
Year published: 2020

The FLC Strategic Partnerships Policy was approved by the Executive Board in September 2020. The FLC will identify and establish strategically aligned relationships with intermediary partners that connect relevant communities of interest (technical, geographical, market, State & local governments, etc.) with Federal labs for interactions. This policy will be maintained by the Facilitate Committee.

FLC US Funds Policy
Year published: 2020

This policy was approved by the FLC Executive Board during their July 2020 Board Meeting. It mandates that all payments from FLC will be in US funds. If expenses are incurred in non US funds, they will be converted to US funds.