Supporting FLC's strategic pillars: volunteers 

Volunteers from federal labs, their partners, and other stakeholder organizations are key to ensuring that the FLC’s activities are consistent with its mission and provide value to the federal technology transfer community.

FLC’s volunteer opportunities stem from the three strategic areas on which FLC's Strategic Plan is built. Each strategic area—Promote, Educate, and Facilitate—is represented by a committee focused on a key aspect of the organization’s mission. Each committee includes subcommittees that work with the FLC staff to develop and improve the specific products and services the organization uses to achieve its mission. The success of three strategic areas depends on the contributions of volunteers who can provide a real-world perspective on FLC initiatives.

Subcommittee members are expected to:

  • accomplish the tactics outlined in each strategic area’s charter,
  • attend a minimum of 75% of monthly subcommittee meetings,
  • devote an additional hour per month, beyond the meetings, to the subcommittee, and
  • attend the annual FLC National Meeting.

 If you're interested in volunteering, please contact the FLC at [email protected]

Promote Committee

The Promote committee is all about communicating the value of technology transfer as a profession and the FLC as an organization. Its mission is to actively promote the availability, benefit and value of federal laboratory assets through technology transfer to improve national economic prosperity and execution of lab missions.

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Communications Subcommittee

The Communications Subcommittee works to develop and improve communications tools used by the FLC to promote technology transfer successes, specifically with the goal of expanding audiences and increasing engagement. These tools include the FLC Digest, Lab Tech in Your Life, the Planner, and Labs in Action.

Website Subcommittee

The Website Subcommittee is focused on the FLC website—another essential tool for promoting technology transfer successes as well as the educational and partnering services provided by the other two strategic areas. This subcommittee provides input and guidance on website upgrades to maximize the impact of those promotional efforts.

Awards Subcommittee

The Awards Subcommittee oversees the FLC’s National and Regional Awards programs, including category refinement, judging, winner selections, and winner recognition—including the Awards Publication, the annual awards recognition ceremony at the National Meeting, and other promotional efforts throughout the year.

Educate Committee

The Educate committee is all about education focused on technology transfer principles and practices. Its mission is to provide full spectrum education and training (E&T) and networking opportunities for federal tech transfer professionals and key internal stakeholders, including prospective partners.

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Professional Development Subcommittee

The Professional Development Subcommittee maintains a clearinghouse of available high quality technology transfer training resources and a training program that advances the tech transfer professional from novice to expert.

T2 Reference Subcommittee

The T2 Reference Subcommittee develops executive education materials targeting lab and agency senior leadership.

Program Subcommittee

The Program Subcommittee works to solicit, develop and deliver high quality programming for the FLC National and Regional Meetings.

Content Working Group

The Content Working Group includes subject matter experts looking to share their knowledge and experience with the technology transfer community as presenters, moderators, or panelists at FLC events.

FLC Mentors

The FLC Mentors include experienced technology transfer professionals who are willing to share wisdom and advice with their younger colleagues at FLC networking and professional development events, including the FLC National Meeting. Mentors will be paired with young professionals looking for career guidance.

FLC Desk Reference Revision Working Group

The FLC Desk Reference Revision Working Group conducts periodic updates of the FLC Technology Transfer Desk Reference, which offers a comprehensive introduction to technology transfer, technology transfer initiatives and mechanisms, and the FLC. The Desk Reference was last updated in 2013.

Facilitate Committee

The Facilitate committee is all about making connections between federal labs and the partners that can help move federal technologies out of the lab and into the market. Its mission is to proactively engage and leverage partnerships that connect relevant private sector partners with individual federal laboratories to increase measurable outcomes.

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Strategic Alliances Subcommittee

The Strategic Alliance Subcommittee addresses partnerships that are not specific to a single technology category; they are with organizations who are/can be affiliated with a wide range of technology categories.

IE&Tech Partnerships Subcommittee

The Industry Engagement & Technology Focused Partnerships Subcommittee focuses on agreements with organizations that champion a specific technology category.


The Regional Subcommittee engages labs and facilitates technology transfer at the regional level.