Tech transfer successes 

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From disease-resistant tilapia to brighter electronic device screens to training for bomb-sniffing dogs, Labs in Action stories underscore the active nature of technology transfer. Federal labs take action to identify a need, develop a technology to address that need, and establish partnerships to drive those innovations to the marketplace where they can benefit society, the economy or national security.

Not an expert? Not a problem

Like LabTech in Your Life, the Labs in Action gallery showcases examples of federal tech transfer successes that will resonate with non-experts—real-world stories of how technologies developed by federal labs are helping to solve problems faced in everyday life.

Spreading the news

Labs in Action stories help prospective partners, policy makers, taxpayers, and other non-experts understand federal tech transfer’s value. Raising awareness outside the federal lab community supports the FLC’s mission to increase the impact of federal tech transfer.

Submit a Labs in Action story

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What does it take to submit a story for Labs in Action?

  • The story, including the purpose of the technology, is something the average person will understand and appreciate.
  • The technology is commercially available in its original form or as an updated version.
  • The technology was commercialized or updated within the last five years.
  • The technology was developed by one or more federal laboratories.
  • The story highlights a successful federal tech transfer partnership
    • Success is defined as having had a positive impact on society, the economy, or national security.
    • If possible, success should be documented (in terms of sales, number of users, time or money saved compared with previous methods, etc).

Want a great example of a Labs in Action story?

Check out this story about the PeakAlert fatigue management app – helping sleep-deprived users stay alert while cutting back on caffeine. It has all the key components and it's a great read, whether you’re a tech transfer professional, a sleep scientist, or someone who just wants to give Starbucks a little less of their paycheck.