Opportunities for federal labs and prospective partners

Prioritizing partnership

Forging and strengthening connections between federal labs and nonfederal partners directly supports the FLC’s mission to increase the impact of federal technology transfer. That’s why connecting with the FLC is a great way for federal labs and nonfederal organizations to engage with each other. It’s a win-win-win situation.

Technology transfer partnerships are mutually beneficial: Federal laboratories’ research, facilities and technical expertise help businesses improve their products, services and manufacturing processes. And those industry partners have the market smarts and distribution channels needed to make federal technologies available to those who can use them.

The right partner—or partners—can transform a federal invention from a great idea into a life-changing product or service, while at the same time creating new jobs, new markets, and new revenue streams.

How the FLC can help

The FLC has implemented multiple engagement opportunities that support partnerships in multiple ways. They include:

  • Helping federal labs showcase the technologies, facilities and expertise they offer that can accelerate the growth and success of businesses and other nonfederal partners.
  • Helping nonfederal organizations navigate the FLC’s network of more than 300 federal labs to identify the best match for a collaborative venture.

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