LabTech in Your Life: Federal T2 is all around you

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If you’re new to technology transfer (T2), or if you’re a technology transfer professional explaining the concept to prospective partners, you’ve come to the right place. LabTech in Your Life is an interactive virtual experience illustrating the impact of technology transfer by highlighting examples of federally developed technologies that the average person might encounter in real-life settings such as a home or an airport.

Learn the stories behind these technologies that we use every day in our homes and experience during travel. Each technology represents years of research and development, as well as successful partnerships between federal laboratories and businesses in a wide range of market sectors.

We encourage you to explore, discover and experience each virtual environment. Click here to view the airport or click here to view the house. Once inside, click on the “hot spots” to learn more about each technology.

We've recently launched a refresh of the sites. Get energized with this video on the many benefits of federal innovation.