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Apparatus for Stopping Vehicles


Laboratory: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Technology: An apparatus for externally controlling one or more brakes on a vehicle with a pressurized fluid braking system. The apparatus can include a pressurizable vessel that is adapted for fluid-tight coupling to the braking system. Impact to the rear of the vehicle by a pursuit vehicle, shooting a target mounted on the vehicle, or sending a signal from a remote control can all result in the fluid pressures in the braking system of the vehicle being modified so that the vehicle is stopped and rendered temporarily inoperable. A control device can also be provided in the driver’s compartment of the vehicle for similarly rendering the vehicle inoperable. A driver or hijacker of the vehicle preferably cannot overcome the stopping action from the driver’s compartment.

Opportunity: Available for license under LLNL ’s Ready-to-Sign (RTS) Licensing Program, a fast-track process by which technology companies and other commercial partners may license patented technologies developed at LLNL in an expedient manner. Under this new program, LLNL is prepared to provide nonexclusive patent licenses of preselected LLNL-developed technologies with preapproved favorable licensing terms in a shortened license agreement.

Contact: Catherine Elizondo

View the ready-to-sign license agreement for this technology here.

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