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ARS Tech Transfer Experts Examine Impact TTOs Have on Increasing Licensing Numbers

Dept. of Agriculture (USDA)

In the June 2018 edition of les Nouvelles—the Journal of the Licensing Executives Society International—Mojdeh Bahar, Assistant Administrator of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Office of Technology Transfer, and Robert Griesbach, Deputy Assistant Administrator of the USDA Office of Technology Transfer, discuss the impact technology transfer offices (TTOs) have when increasing the number of licensed federal technologies. According to data cited by Bahar and Griesbach, an overwhelming majority of patented technologies remain unlicensed. They suggest that many believe if accessing technologies is simplified, available federal technologies will be more attractive to potential commercial partners.

In their jointly authored paper, “Can a Technology Transfer Office Make a Difference in Increasing Licensing Numbers: Incorrect Assumptions and Inadequate Context?”, Bahar and Griesbach explore the following TTO impact factors:

  • Economic viability issues
  • Adoption/perception issues
  • Scientific progress.

The paper is available to read and download in the FLC Publications Library, located here: https://www.federallabs.org/media/publication-library/can-a-technology-transfer-office-make-a-difference-in-increasing-licensing

Bahar and Griesbach have a wealth of T2 professional experience between them, and their successful commercialization work at USDA has been recognized several times with FLC awards and as featured case studies during numerous FLC national meeting sessions. Bahar served as FLC Chair from 2011 – 2013, and Griesbach is completing his tenure as the FLC Mid-Atlantic Regional Coordinator. Both are valuable members of the FLC and T2 community whose expertise in the field is second to none.

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