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Connector Conversion Clamp With Rotational Torque Protection

  Laboratory: U.S. Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division (NAWCWD) Summary: The U.S. Navy seeks a partner to license and commercialize an innovative technology to prevent flangeless connectors from losing contact with printed circuit boards.
Technology: Civilian and military electronics employ a wide array of connectors to enable communication between electronic systems and programming/test set devices. Many such connectors are flangeless, and cannot be connected to dedicated surfaces. These connectors are prone to failure because the rotational torque required to ensure a connection can be over-rotated, thereby degrading or breaking contact with the underlying circuit board. The Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division (NAWCWD) has developed a clamp solution to mount flangeless connectors to a dedicated surface and eliminate or greatly reduce incidences of breakage attributable to rotational torque.
The Navy’s solution is simple, robust, and highly customizable to accommodate the broad range of connector devices in use today. Sample devices have been built and tested. The U.S. Air Force selected the Navy’s technology over competing approaches for use with military equipment.
  • Broadly Applicable: Capable of converting virtually any flangeless connector into a unit with the torque resistance of a wall mounted connector
  • Cost-effective: The Navy’s solution is a simple, effective means of preventing over-torqueing damage to components in existing devices
  • Military Grade: Robust enough to be chosen over competing solutions by the U.S. Air Force for use on guided missile launcher test sets, but still simple enough to be cost-effective
Opportunity: Level III design drawings and two issued U.S. patents are available for license. Device prototypes are available for review. Potential for collaboration with NAWCWD researchers to adapt this invention for civilian and military applications. Technology transfer opportunities are conducted through TechLink, a partnership intermediary.
Contact: Dan Swanson, CLP or Darin Oelkers, CLP View the full listing here.
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