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Hedgehog™ Contaminant Removal System

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Scientists at Sandia National Laboratories have developed the Hedgehog™, an in-tank recirculating treatment system designed to reduce the levels of a variety of organic and inorganic contaminants in water storage tanks. The Hedgehog™ works by utilizing a recirculation pump that continually sends water though a treatment module to reduce contamination levels.

Originally developed for arsenic decontamination, this in-tank filtration device has been extensively tested on small water systems (~100 connections or less) with ambient arsenic (As) levels of 11-25 ppb. Results of this testing indicate that the system can routinely achieve low-cost compliance with the new U.S. arsenic limit of 10 ppb. The smaller scale, greater efficiency, and reduced cost of this filtration system make it a viable option for small tank owners and communities. The annual cost for the Hedgehog™ is approximately 1/3 of the GIM option. Estimates indicate that similar results and costs are achievable for a variety of other types of contaminants.

More info: https://ip.sandia.gov/intellectual_property/Hedgehog%E2%84%A2-Contaminant-Removal-System.php/offer_id/965

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