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Licensing Agreement Reached for HME Detection Kit

021411 N 1620P 697

On November 2, 2011, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Indian Head Division (NSWC IHD) signed a patent licensing agreement with American Innovations, Inc., to commercialize specific fields of use for NSWC IHD’s bulk Home Made Explosive (HME) Precursor Detection Kit.

Dr. J. Scott Deiter, NSWC IHD’s Office of Research and Technology Applications (ORTA) Representative, said the agreement between NSWC IHD and American Innovations is a partially exclusive license that covers entry control points, route clearance, patrolling, site exploitation, cache finds, area surveillance, joint security stations/combat outposts, raids, SPECOPS, K-9 support, and training.

The HME detection kit, developed by a team of scientists at NSWC IHD in 18 months, is a valuable tool for U.S. and allied military forces because it provides a method to identify materials used in homemade explosive mixtures. Such mixtures are commonly used in improvised explosive devices in Afghanistan, and are major hazards to coalition forces operating in that country.

NSWC IHD’s HME kit, which contains enough material to complete 25 tests, was an improvement over heavier, more expensive commercial kits and was tailor-made for military operations. The developed kit is much lighter, weighing about 6 ounces rather than 2 to 20 pounds, and was far less expensive than earlier variants at $65 per kit rather than $15,000.

According to Dr. Deiter, in addition to becoming available beyond the Department of Defense, “This licensing agreement will produce concrete benefits to our warfighters. It will be even lighter, less expensive, standardized with more easily understood directions, and readily available for fast delivery throughout DOD.”

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