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Methods for Integrated Conversion of Lignocellulosic Material to Biofuels and Nanocellulose


Organization: U.S. Forest Service Research & Development

Technology: The biofuels industry presents great promise as an opportunity to supplement and improve the United States’ energy economy. Cellulose can be converted to sugars to produce biofuels. In addition, micro- and nanocellulose, also derived from plant biomass, are useful for applications from cellulose films to augmenting mechanical properties of other materials, and can be a valuable co-product for biofuels. However, the production of biofuels and nanocellulose has focused on maximizing only one of these valuable resources.

This invention discloses novel methods for the integrated production of sugars for biofuels and nanocellulose in a single process from lignocellulosic materials.

Potential Commercial Uses: The invention provides opportunities for cost-effective production of biofuels, opening access to the energy market, as well as the production of nanocellulose, which is becoming highly valuable as a structural material.

Opportunity: Patent pending; available for license

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