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Sandia’s Magnetic Sensing to Determine Material Flows and Electrical Shorts

Dept. of Energy

Laboratory: Sandia National Laboratories

Technology: Magnetic Sensing to Determine Material Flows and Electrical Shorts

Opportunity: This Sandia technology is available for licensing by interested industry parties.

Details: Many research applications have a critical need for flow and electrical-current diagnostics within fluids; however, current flow visualization techniques require optical access, which is often infeasible in high-temperature high-pressure (HTHP) opaque vessels. Researchers at Sandia National Laboratories developed a nondestructive visualization technique to create a three-dimensional (3D) real-time image of fluid motions and electrical current pathways within sealed vessels under HTHP conditions.


  • Nondestructive visualization of fluid motions, electrical current pathways, and stress/temperature changes within sealed vessels under HTHP conditions
  • Less expensive than competing X-ray-based techniques currently in development
  • Improved safety and effectiveness


  • Oil & gas
  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Occupational safety/monitoring
  • Industries developing new rheological techniques
  • Thermal decomposition of explosives
  • Heat-exchanger optimization
  • Liquefaction of organic materials
  • Porous media flows

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