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Novel Waveform for Wireless Communication and Noise Correlation Radar Detection/Imaging Applications


Laboratory: U.S. Army Communications-Electronics Research, Development and Engineering Center (CERDEC)

Summary: The U.S. Army seeks a partner to license and commercialize a patented technology to enhance wireless communication network robustness and security, as well as to enable new radar target detection techniques.

Overview: CERDEC’s Intelligence and Information Warfare Directorate has successfully created and demonstrated the advanced pulse-compressed noise (APCN) radar waveform. The APCN waveform enables a noise correlation radar (NCR) detection system that has low susceptibility to co-channel interference and a low probability of intercept by outside parties. The robustness of the waveform means it retains fidelity even in a crowded radio frequency environment. The low probability of intercept enables a level of security not currently available to radar.

The same security and fidelity features also make the APCN waveform and NCR techniques attractive for civilian and first responder wireless communication applications. Global communications bandwidths are increasingly crowded as new technologies continually encroach via higher power and larger bandwidth applications. The APCN/NCR technologies could augment existing systems, providing another mode of operation in crowded radio frequency spaces such as aircraft, police radar, WIMAX, and advanced wireless communications, including 4G.


  • Technique Fusion: The CERDEC system embodies the ideal characteristics of both noise radar and pulse-Doppler radar by amplitude/phase modulating a complex pulse-linear FM (LFM) waveform using noise.
  • Robust: The unique matched filter signal processing solution is inherently mismatched to all other communications signals, making the system practically immune to interference and channel fading.
  • Secure: Extremely low probability of interception (LPI) based on the random nature of the signal and the design of the APCN waveform provides a level of security previously unavailable.

Opportunity: Available for license. Potential for collaboration with CERDEC Intelligence and Information Warfare Directorate research personnel to pursue military and civilian applications. Additional information available upon request.

Contact: Dan Swanson, CLP or Darin Oelkers, CLP

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