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PNNL Researchers Recharge Battery Performance With Nanoscale Composites


It’s the same old story in technology development: more power delivered in smaller packages is what consumers—and therefore—manufacturers want. Fortunately, lithium-ion batteries are getting a boost of innovation from researchers at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL).

A simple solution method has been developed, increasing the concentration of lithium ions stored in battery electrodes and achieving higher energy density. The new method involves mixing high-capacity anode materials and graphene (which is a single sheet of carbon atoms) at nanometer-length scale into a self-assembled composite. When used as electrodes in Li-ion cells, these nanometer-scale composites show increased battery capacity, improved charge/discharge rates, and a longer cycle life (greater stability), thus providing a route to make anodes with twice the capacity of existing materials.

For more information: http://availabletechnologies.pnl.gov/technology.asp?id=294 or contact Peter Christensen, peter.christensen@pnl.gov, or 509-371-6159

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