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Testbed Environment for Space Situational Awareness

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Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) is developing the Testbed Environment for Space Situational Awareness (TESSA), a parallelized discrete event simulation for large-scale modeling and simulation of space events in a high performance computing environment. TESSA is a set of analysis, modeling, and visualization tools environment that simulates the positions of objects in orbit and their detection by telescopes and radar systems. TESSA simulates the determination of orbital parameters from sensor observations. These orbits are then processed in a fast-running conjunction analysis routine to predict future close encounters with other orbiting objects. The results of TESSA simulations are visualized in a scalable graphical environment that runs on workstation-class computers. TESSA contains modules for specific capabilities, including orbital propagation, orbit determination, radar and optical sensor modeling, conjunction analysis, collision probability, collision debris generation, and uncorrelated track processing.

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