Automated insect detection and monitoring system for reduced insecticide use and integrated pest management

The cost of protecting bulk-stored agriculturalcommodities from insect infestations, as well asdirect losses caused by insects, exceeds $34billion annually worldwide. Alternatives toinsecticides are needed, especially ones that candetect infestations early andeliminate the need for scheduledinsect control treatments. TheElectronic Grain Probe InsectCounter (EGPIC) System is anautomated computer-basedelectronic sensing system formonitoring weevil and beetlepopulations in bulk storedcommodities. Developed by Dr.Dennis Shuman, the EGPICprovides remotely displayed real-time infestation data from storagebins that aid in making pestmanagement decisions.Dr. Shuman has actively pursued technologytransfer opportunities for his patented system.The recognition of EGPIC’s value—combinedwith the need to validate its performance in a number of settings—led him to form theEGPIC Working Group. Dr. Shuman alsoestablished both a licensing agreement and aCooperative Research and DevelopmentAgreement (CRADA) with OPI Systems toinstall the technology worldwide.As part of the CRADA, Dr. Shumaninvented an enhancement toEGPIC: the Sensor Output AnalogProcessing (SOAP) identifies insectspecies and eliminates erroneousinsect counts.EGPIC will create a new standardwhereby grain will be tracked andmonitored as a way of preservingquality. This technology willestablish a new paradigm in foodprotection by being the world’s firstcommercially available automated stored-product insect monitoring system.
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