DRWiN™ electronically scanning antenna

The Dynamically Reconfigurable WirelessNetworks (DRWiN™) is the firstcommercially available electronically scanningantenna. With the ability to be reconfiguredfrom a very broad 120° beam to a narrow 2°beam, this antenna can scan across the fullservice area, enabling dramatic increases innetwork capacity, reliability and noisediscrimination. This technology, developed byan NREL team, fills wireless operators’ need toprovide higher quality and more reliableservice to an increased subscriber base.The transfer process for this technologyinvolved NREL, St. Petersburg StateElectrotechnical University (Eltech), andParatek Microwave, Inc. The partnership—forwhich NREL serves as the coordinator—utilized the design talents of Eltech, thematerials and process capabilities of NREL,and the materials and commercializationefforts of Paratek.The DRWiN™ antenna provides a “last-mile”solution as an alternative to fiber, cable, andDSL. Because this technology is architecture-independent, wireless services can be providedto rural and undeveloped regions that lackexisting infrastructure
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