The Berkeley Lamp

Developed by an LBNL team, the BerkeleyLamp is a high-performance, energy-efficienttable lamp that saves energy in homes andoffices while greatly increasing lighting qualityand visibility. The lamp uses twoindependently controllable and fully dimmablecompact fluorescent lamps (CFLs). Onelamp’s light is directed downward toilluminate the table or desk, the other directslight toward the ceiling, providing high-qualityindirect lighting. An optical “septum”separates the two lamps, allowing three modesof lighting: down, up, or up and downsimultaneously. At full power, the two-lampfluorescent system matches the combinedluminous output of a 300-watt halogen lampand a 150-watt incandescent table lamp whileusing only one-quarter of the energy.The patented technology was transferredthrough licensing agreements with threeCalifornia utilities—Sacramento MunicipalUtility District, Southern California Edison,and Pacific Gas and Electric—along withLight Corporation of Grand Haven, Mich. Todate, 600 prototypes have been manufactured,and demonstration projects are underway witha number of companies and institutions,including: Doubletree Hilton Hotel, BeverlyHills Hotel, U.S Coast Guard, U.S. ForestService, Department of Energy Headquarters,City of Berkeley, California EnergyCommission, and the University of California.With its superior lighting, competitive price,and projected energy savings of more than $1billion, high levels of sales are projected forthe Berkeley Lamp. By reducing ourdependence on fossil fuels, this technologywill benefit the U.S. and, in turn, the nation’ssecurity.
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