Globus Toolkit™

The Globus Toolkit™ is a community-based,open-architecture, open-source set of softwareservices and libraries that supportcomputational grids. Agrid connectsgeographically andorganizationallydispersed resources,including large-scalecomputers, archivalstorage systems,scientific andengineering instruments,and human collaborators.This technology,developed by a team atArgonne NationalLaboratory (ANL), hasalready transformedcollaborative scientificresearch across the worldand is the basis for newdistributed computingstrategies of such companies as IBM,Microsoft, Platform Computing, Entropia, SunMicrosystems, and Compaq. The team has been able to transfer thetechnology with contributions from IBM andMicrosoft, as well as funding from the NationalScience Foundation and the Department ofEnergy. The transfer of theGlobus Toolkit™ to themarketplace took a huge turn in2001, when 11 of the topinformation technologycompanies committed toincorporating the toolkit as astandard mechanism for theirgrids.Once it is widely available,virtually every computer userwill benefit from thistechnology. The GlobusToolkit™ will permitindividuals and organizations tomake decisions based on thebest available technology tomeet their local needs andpolicies, instead of basing decisions more oninteroperability and compatibility rather thanfunctionality.
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