High speed vaccine injector system

Providing fast, large-scale inoculationswithout spreading blood-borne pathogens is alongstanding veterinary and human healthcarechallenge. Needle-free systems offer importantadvantages over traditional syringe and needlesystems—reduced pain, improved workersafety, safer disposal of potentially dangerousneedles and related waste, and lower costs.The Needle-Free High Speed Vaccine InjectorSystem, developed by a team at the NNSAKansas City Plant, solves this problem. Theinjector pushes into the patient a very smallstream of vaccine under high pressure througha nozzle covered with a disposable protectivecap and. Up to 600 injections per hour arepossible with this technology.The technology was developed through apartnership between the operator of the KansasCity Plant, Honeywell Federal Manufacturingand Technologies; Felton International; andthree Russian companies. Plans for 34different injectors are in the process ofcompletion, at which time the Russiancompanies will manufacture the parts, andFelton International will handle assembly,marketing and distribution.While the initial application of the Needle-FreeHigh Speed Vaccine Injector System was forveterinary use, human patients will be theultimate beneficiaries. For healthcare workers,the technology eliminates the danger of needle-stick injury and the need for sharps disposal.Because it has been designed for field use, theinjector system is ideal for use when massinoculations are needed—whether forconventional disease eradication such asmeasles, or for emergency response in case ofbiological attack.
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