High volume data processing and validation improvements for ocean bottom mapping

A team at the Naval Oceanographic Office(NAVOCEANO) has successfully transitionedgovernment-owned software technology to theprivate sector, creating many new datacollection and mapping capabilities thatsupport naval operations, telecommunications,and numerous other commercial applications.Through a pair of well-structured CRADAs, theteam transferred NAVOCEANO’s unique datastructures and software to ScienceApplications International Corporation (SAIC)in Newport, Rhode Island; and to InteractiveVisualization Systems (IVS) in Fredericton, NewBrunswick, for integration with the companies’commercial software—an effort that ultimatelybroadened the scope and use of thetechnology.As a result of its mutual software developmentwith IVS and SAIC, NAVOCEANO realized atenfold improvement in the efficiency of thepreviously labor-intensive, interactive editingprocess, and garnered savings of more than$800,000 over the last three years. In addition,the NAVOCEANO team involved twouniversities in the technology transition effort,which contributed research results that havebeen incorporated into the CRADA products—further enhancing their value to a broadercommunity. The companies’ commercialopportunities have increased considerably, asevidenced by IVS’s international marketing andsale of Fledermaus software through acommercial partner and the opening of its firstU.S. office. New users of the CRADA-enhanced Fledermaus software include BritishPetroleum and the National Oceanic andAtmospheric Administration (NOAA).SAIC’s CRADA-enhanced SABER software isused for system configuration in thetelecommunications industry and for aiding inthe design, installation, and inspection ofunderwater cables. NOAA recently selectedSAIC as the best-qualified supplier ofhydrographic surveying services with itsSABER capabilities, and awarded the companyup to $35 million over a five-year period forservices that include direct and importantsupport to U.S. homeland defense missions.
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