The civilian American and European Surface Anthropometry Resource (CAESARâ„¢) project

Anthropometry research—the study of human body measurements—at the Air Force Research Laboratory’s Human Effectiveness Directorate (AFRL/RH) has dramatically transformed the engineering of virtually all products people wear or use by providing fit visualization and analysis capabilities never before possible. This technology transfer enables the international interoperability of equipment and apparel, ensures that products made anywhere in the world will accommodate their target populations, and is important to the development of biometric identification systems. A Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) was established between AFRL/RH and the Society of Automotive Engineers International. The CRADA brought 35 companies into partnership with the government, including apparel makers, defense contractors, tractor manufacturers, automakers, and general merchandise retailers. Recognizing the potential of the technological challenge they had accepted, the diverse group embarked on the creation of the Civilian American and European Surface Anthropometry Resource, or CAESAR™, the world’s first body-measurement survey to deliver raw three dimensional (3-D) scans of every subject. Using a 3-D scanner, researchers can capture hundreds of thousands of data points of the human body in just a few seconds. Through a second CRADA, General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems operates the AFRL/RH’s Computerized Anthropometric Research and Design (CARD) Laboratory and coordinates CAESAR data dissemination. The development of the first laser-based system of measuring humans in 3-D and obtaining a comprehensive database of body measurements has resulted in a worldwide organization known as WEAR (World Engineering Anthropometry Resource) that unites scientists in ten countries on six continents in a quest to better fit the human body to its clothing, technology, and environment. CAESAR’s complete 3-D data help manufacturers revamp antiquated sizing methods, especially for women’s wear. Designers can extract an almost infinite number and variety of measurements from the database. Whole body scans reduce the guesswork about the measurements of the body surface and provide more accurate measurements. Thanks to CAESAR, daily life is easier, safer, more comfortable, and more productive for civilians and military personnel.
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