Success Story

Gapless and Seamless Wafer-Scale Detector System for High Resolution Imaging

Fermilab has developed a large area, highly segmented camera system with pixels capable of handling signals of up to five orders of magnitude dynamic range and in-situ storage of images acquired at high speed (Multi-megahertz frequency). 

The system consists of three major components: 1) a wafer-scale sensor with approximately a million pixels, 2) a Silicon Interposer (also called a Silicon Printed Circuit Board or SiPCB), which serves as an interconnection device and pitch adapter between the sensor wafer pixels and a number of smaller readout ASICs, and 3) the custom front-end readout ASIC with a few tens of thousands of pixels, which implements a novel design concept to achieve high dynamic range while maintaining both small pixel area and low power dissipation.

The system is seamless up to 20cm x20cm with pixel sizes on the order of 100-150um (side) without any dead space. Each pixel can integrate a wide dynamic range charge (1 fC to 100 pC) that is equivalent to the range of 1-105 photons impinging on a single pixel at a multi megahertz frequency (6.5MHz). In addition to high energy physics applications, the system has significant potential for materials research and medical imaging applications.