available technology

ALPES: Aerosol-to-Liquid Particle Extraction System

ALPES is a device that uses electrostatic precipitation to collect and concentrate airborne agents in a liquid sample for onsite or laboratory analysis. The collection efficiency is 85% to 92% depending on the size of the particles. The Aerosol-to-Liquid Particle Extraction System (ALPES) is...
available technology

BaroBall: Control Valve with Volume Flow Measurement

Barometric pumping is a remediation technique that removes volatile contaminants from soil in the vadose zone, above the water table. The BaroBall control valve increases the efficiency of barometric pumping and allows natural soil gas to flow out of an underground well, while restricting air flow...
available technology

Colorimetric detection of uranium in water

Disclosed are methods, materials and systems that can be used to determine qualitatively or quantitatively the level of uranium contamination in water samples. Beneficially, disclosed systems are relatively simple and cost-effective. For example, disclosed systems can be utilized by consumers...